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Dear Aunt Mildred,

My favorite corps was the Cambridge Caballeros and it seems that they broke up when they were at their peak. Why?

Also, they had a short tenor drummer, who really looked old, and a chaperone who both had the same name, but with the drummer it was his first name and with the chaperone it was her last name. I believe their names were Cisco Palomino and Ma Cisco. Were they related somehow?


Dear Archie,

I’ll answer your second question first. I can’t believe you’re this stupid.

Alfred Colleameno, not Palomino, you twit, marched in Cambridge Caballeros.

Now pay attention! They were a SPANISH drum corps so he was obviously given the name Cisco. Does Alfred sound Spanish to you? Cisco’s mother, Florence Ferraro, a great woman and friend by the way, God bless her soul, didn’t like being called Cisco’s mother. She wanted her own identity and was happy with the moniker, “Ma Cisco.” These weren’t real names. They were drum corps names. Get it?!

Let me address your first question, which was almost intelligent. My friend, Howie, who lives Down East in Maine, and who, by the way, played a great 5th or 6th baritone with the Cabs, says the corps never would have folded if they had day care then like we do now.

There was also some kind of problem with veterans marching although I don’t see why. We should all thank our veterans for fighting and preserving the American way.


Most Sincerely,

Aunt Mildred