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Jim Galvin is in Beverly, Massachusetts. What a surprise! At last count, Beverly didn’t have a single ski area.He and his wife, Janice, a Cardinal alumnus, were married in 1986. They have two children, 8 year old Holly, (color guard captain of St. John’s squirt guard), and Jack, aged 5.

Galvin started his drum corps career at the age of 11 when he joined the St. Mary’s Crusaders, the Cardinals’ feeder corps. 1966 was his first taste of Class A when he advanced to the Cardinals as a tenor drummer, capturing the All American Individual Tenor Drum Title in 1968.

The winds of war were blowing and in 1969 Jim joined another corps, The U.S. Marine Corps. He saw duty in Vietnam but finally wound up in Paradise, teaching and arranging for the Marine Drum Corps in Hawaii in 1972.

Returning home in 1973, he was appointed Drum Major of the Beverly Cardinals.(Contrary to prevailing popular opinion – he was still of age).

In 1976, Jim joined M.J.A. and began a distinguished judging career adjudicating contests in the Boston area and later in DCA and DCI. In 1980 he was selected for the World Open and DCA finals judging panels. He served as percussion caption chairman under chief judge, Ed Denon, conducted clinics for MJA and Berklee College, and is still active judging DCI, DCA, DCE, EMASS, NESBA, and MBDA.

JIm Galvin, MJA Judge, 1980

JIm Galvin, MJA Judge, 1980

Somehow Galvin found time to enter Berklee College of Music in 1979 as an Applied Percussion/Jazz Composition and Arranging Major. He has taught many corps and bands, including his old alma mater, the Beverly Crusaders, the Bedford Militiamen, Triton Band, North Star, St. William’s Band, Fitchburg Kingsmen, Valley Airs, and the renowned Casper Troopers (1981-83).

In 1987, Jim graduated from the Massachusetts Police Academy, obtained an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and is working toward his Bachelors. He is currently a Massachusetts State Trooper and has been cited by Governor Weld and the Massachusetts State Senate for saving the life of a 14 day old infant. Bravo!

Jim Galvin, MA State Trooper, 1996

MA State Trooper, 1996

The year was 1978 and Galvin was embraced by a new fever – ski fever! He, along with fellow corpsmen, Rick Connor, Ron Genest, and Gerry Noonan, formed the dysfunctional Gonzo Ski Club. Gonzo is a story for another time. (I’ll get to it.)  As in every other facet of his life, Jim took to skiing with his customary gusto. In 1985 he was hired by Loon Mountain to work their ski patrol.

Unable to teach because of job and family commitments, Galvin now maintains his competitive drum corps spirit by racing in police charity ski races. Last February, Jim competed in the International Police Winter Games at Lake Tahoe, California, winning the Silver Medal in Giant Slalom by defeating fellow police officers from all over the world. On March 20, 1996, at the North American Police Ski Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado, he grabbed the Gold in Giant Slalom.

In a late-breaking story, it has been rumored that novelist Anne Rice is considering a novel on Galvin. She’s allegedly suffering from writer’s block pertaining to her Vampire Chronicles and is intrigued with the concept of a State Trooper who taught the Casper Troopers and apparently never sleeps!