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Dear Aunt Mildred: 

When I first met Jim Wedge he only drank milk and coffee. Now he drinks beer. I just don’t know when he’s kidding me now. He claims that the Alumni Corps of Revere has an age limit of 90. I know that seems pretty old, but I was at the show in Plymouth in November. It seemed like most of the corps had 90 year olds in their ranks and I think they were playing OK. Afterwards, there was a party. Jim had a few beers and said the reason for the 90 year old age limit was that he heard Jack Whelan wanted to join Revere. Could this possibly be true? 

Yours truly, 



Dear Spartacus,

That Jim Wedge is certainly a kidder, but Jack Whelan is a Hall-of Famer, don’t you know? While Jack was winning Nationals with Most Precious Blood, Cambridge Caballeros, and St. Anthony’s color guards, Jim was still nursing his milk, you boor. I can hardly believe that Jackie could be approaching 9o, but he did fight in a Great War. I’m quite certain he told me it was the second.

I think Jackie would be a great addition to the Revere horn line (or any horn line for that matter), but I’d keep him out of the Revere drum line. I just cannot envision Jackie in a kilt.



Most Sincerely,

Aunt Mildred