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Dear Aunt Mildred:

I just got one question for you. A lot of people seem to think you have all the answers.
The jury’s still out in my book and I don’t refer to the O.J. trial.

I’ve been in drum corps for fifty or sixty years and everyone’s always talking about this “Scotty” Chappell guy. I know his real name was Arthur. Why the heck did everyone call him “Scotty”?



Dear Frenchy,

Please let me answer your question with a question. However did you come up with the appellation “Frenchy” It’s very charming. It reminds me of a villa in France, overlooking the Riviera…. but alas, I digress again. Is it possible it is because you are of French-Canadian extraction or is it one of those drum corps names with a story behind it? (Or is that another story, my dear?)

Anyway, Frenchy, Scotty got his name because he was born in Scotland before immigrating to Canada and then settling with his family in Avon, Massachusetts. He was a wonderful gentleman, a genius, the father of drum corps as we know it and, of course, a dear friend of mine.




Most Sincerely,

Aunt Mildred