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Dear Aunt Mildred,

Some people seem unhappy about some of the changes in drum corps over the years. I love all the changes. I see them as major improvements, with better instruments, better performances, and more interesting programs.

Wearing the same uniforms every year got boring and the addition of large props is awesome. I believe DCI has made drum corps better than ever.

Yours Truly,

Ralph from Bayonne


My dear Ralph,

Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, even when they are most misguided. Personally, I much prefer the gloriously “boring” uniforms of years past to the hideous abominations worn recently by the Madison Scouts. I welcome input from our readers on the state of our activity. Meanwhilst, I shall forward this missive to Uncle Phineas to obtain his viewpoint as well.

Most Sincerely,

Aunt Mildred


Dear Mildred,

Thanks for including me in this discussion. I have not paid much attention to drum corps for a while, but I did watch a video of the 2019 DCI Finals. And all I can say (quoting the late Vince Lombardi) is “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE”?!?

I saw more dancing than marching and at times it looked like they were stomping on bugs and had ants in their pants. Half the corps now wear pajamas and it looks like a gosh darned costume party out there.Collage of drum corps uniforms

I saw trombones and gold curly instruments and one corps had a guy playing a violin. And THEY WON! Don’t get me started on the music. It seems like everyone is trying to see who can play the most notes. Will we ever hear ‘Stars and Stripes’’ or ‘Yankee Doodle’ again? I’d even settle for ’76 Trombones’ as long as they don’t play dog gone trombones!

Ralph from Bayonne says he believes DCI has made drum corps better than ever. He probably also believes in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and is likely a member of the Flat Earth Society. If we are giving opinions, I’ll give you one: I think DCI now stands for Disappointing Changes Implemented. I have more thoughts, but right now I need to listen to the 1965 Royal Airs before my head explodes.